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'Britannia: The Watchmen' by Richard Denham & M. J. Trow


‘We are the watchmen; the keepers of the flame.’

Britannia in the late fourth century is a wild, dark place and the Pax Romana that has held for three hundred years is crumbling. Justinus Coelius is commander of the Wall and he is facing invasion from Saxons and treachery from within. Leocadius Honorius is consul of Londinium, but his fragile grasp on his lifestyle is broken when he plays dice with the wrong people. Vitalis Celatius just wants a quiet, peaceful life but his sister Conchessa is desperate to find her husband who has fallen foul of the Emperor. And the Emperor is about to face a challenge from Magnus Maximus, the general who takes Britannia’s legions to overthrow him. Celtic legend, Egyptian mysticism and Gaelic battle-fury are all interwoven in this dark tale.

The surviving Heroes of the Wall are once again thrown into the melting pot of history. How many of them will still be standing at the end?

“An impressive followup volume to The Wall. True to the first book, Roman Britain is expertly portrayed with historical accuracy and detailed descriptions and characterization. I will await volume 3 eagerly.” Polly Krize – Reviewer

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