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Robin Hood's Body Found ….clutching Maid Marian’s knickers!

27 years ago, on July 19th, 1992, this was the global exclusive, sensationalist headline that appeared in the Sunday Sport newspaper and shocked the world.

Long before the development of social media, this dubious publication thrived on 'fake news' and had a reputation for unashamedly creating a wide range of fanciful stories and unlikely events that had scant reference to the truth.

The paper tapped into the general publics’ insatiable appetite for gossip and controversy and in the story about Robin Hood they claimed that an American study group from the University of Utah had found the outlaw’s perfectly preserved body in a shallow grave in Sherwood Forest! The article also even featured a fake photograph, supposedly showing the corpse! It was all a total pack of lies of course - but Nottingham City Council and County Council press and public relations departments had several hectic days fielding the inevitable calls from the global media wanting to find out more.

This anecdote is just one of the hundreds of items of fact, fiction and trivia contained in a new and fascinating book titled 'Robin Hood: The Legacy of a Folk Hero' and written by Robert White, the chairman of the internet-based, World Wide Robin Hood Society. The book looks at how, over the centuries, the Sherwood Forest outlaw has become a globally famous icon of popular culture with many diverse links to literature, art, poetry, music, theatre, film and television etc..  As well as examining the truth behind the unsolved 'man or myth' conundrum that continues to question his actual existence. It also looks at Robin Hood’s role in the rise of popular culture and how the principles that the legendary outlaw stands for still resonate in the world today!

So if you thought you knew about Robin Hood – then think again! Read the book and discover things you probably never knew were associated with the world’s favourite outlaw.

The book has been published by BLKDOG Publishing and is available in eBook and paperback formats.

For more information or to purchase a copy of the book click here.


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