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'Pandemonium' by Maryanne Coleman

The sequel to the fantastic Goblin Market by Maryanne Coleman is here!

Faerie is back – so far, so good. But the trouble is that when you’re having fun you might forget who may be listening and in this case, Faerie have really taken their eye off the ball.

Deep in his hill, Pan is turning in his sleep, then waking. Wandering the countryside with his Best Feature very much to the fore, he has a devastating effect on everyone and everything, whether in his path or not. The seasons are all to pot and the Mortals are blaming Faeries, Faeries are blaming each other; it’s the Faerie way.

Pan must be bound, but how and by whom? If you enjoy a mad mix of Goblins, Druids, Faeries, things-you’d-rather-not-meet-in-a-dark-alley and – most especially – the great Pan, Lord of Misrule, then you will love this book.

* * *

Purchase 'Pandemonium' by Maryanne Coleman.

Amazon (UK): click here

Amazon (US): click here


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