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Arizona TV Personality and Outdoor Survival Instructor, Cody Lundin, announces NEW Survival Show

In the past, Cody Lundin has appeared on The Today Show, Good Morning America, NBC Dateline, USA Today, BBC, The Donny and Marie Show, CNN, The New York Times, and many others. He co-hosted and co-produced the hit TV show Dual Survival for four seasons.


Now, Lundin has his own survival show.


The Survival Show with Cody Lundin is the only parody/variety survival show, and the only survival show created, produced, and hosted by a real survival instructor. “I’ve wanted to create a survival show that gives viewers accurate information for years,” said Lundin, “while still holding a viewer’s attention. As teachers, that’s a challenge that we all face.” The show’s format – packed with skits, imagery, and humor – is designed to hold a viewer’s attention while imparting skills that could save lives. “I’ve taught survival skills for more than 30 years at my Aboriginal Living Skills School, and sometimes people need to be entertained to learn. My show does just that, without the TV network nonsense,” he said.


Lundin stated that the majority of survival shows on television are hosted by people who are not real survival instructors, and produced by executives who have no experience in outdoor survival skills or teaching experience. “The focus of survival training is your safety. An instructor’s field experience is critical, so this is a very dangerous combination for the viewer,” he said. “Getting bad information from a TV survival show could literally kill you or a loved one – and it has,” he added.


Set inside a 1970 Airstream travel trailer with green shag carpet, it’s clear from the start that The Survival Show with Cody Lundin is not your everyday survival show. “Viewers finally have a solid choice in survival programming that puts the viewer’s safety first. I’ve left the “pee drinking” to the networks,” said Lundin.


Official Trailer for The Survival Show with Cody Lundin

Cody Lundin provided a foreword for our title Citizen Survivor's Handbook by Richard Denham and Steve Hart. For more information or to get a copy click here.


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