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'Other Mothers' by Caroline Lowrie

One hospital.

Two missing infants.

Three decades apart.

When a newborn is snatched from the Maternity Unit at St Catherine’s Hospital, a desperate police hunt ensues. Only a small window of opportunity exists in which to identify a suspect and bring the baby back safely.

Detective Sergeant Meg Wiley, close to retirement and panicking about what she’ll do with her empty days, reluctantly joins the search, but she’s haunted by her memories. Feeling estranged from her partner Emma, she struggles to concentrate on the job. She soon discovers, however, that the past is a key. Her history will unlock the mystery that surrounds the disappearance of not one, but two babies.

★★★★★ - 'Beautifully written, a page-turner to the very end.' - Bethan White, author of Fade

* * *

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