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New Release: Soft Hunger by Lucrezia Brambillaschi

Soft Hunger is a beautiful collection of poetry that treads the delicate line between intimate and public, between talking to oneself and talking to a crowd.

Pain, loss, heartbreak, depression and, above all else, always, the crowning glory of existence: love - these are the core themes you will find in this collection. But also the struggle of being part of a so-called minority, the pride in finally finding and being comfortable with one’s own identity, the compelling need to change the world and the audacity to try and do that through words.

Through a continuous movement between the inside and the outside, the soft-spoken and the screamed, the obvious and the implied, this collection of poetry takes the reader into the intricacies of feelings, offering raw honesty, brutal emotion and the reassurance that no one is alone, we’re all human after all.


About Lucrezia Brambillaschi

Lucrezia Brambillaschi was born somewhere in Northern Italy twenty-something years ago. Lover of stories, fine gin and all pleasures, she lives with her existential questions and a cat.


Connect with Lucrezia Brambillaschi

Twitter: click here


Purchase 'Soft Hunger'

Amazon (US): click here

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