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New Release: Sirkkusaga by Kyt Wright

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

A saga – a long story of heroic achievement, especially a medieval prose narrative in Old Norse or a long, involved story, account, or series of incidents often named for the principal character.

Several hundred years after an world-shattering war, two of the surviving nations, the Reignweald and the Dominion have fought themselves to a standstill, both remaining determined to control of what’s left of it.

Sirki Vigsdottir, a songstress who performs under the name Freya in folk-rock group The Harvest is beautiful, self-centered woman who is fond of drink and a recovering addict to boot, not the sort of girl a boy brings home to mother.

Following an attack from an unexpected quarter, abilities awaken within Sirki, who begins a journey of self-discovery. These new found skills attract the attention of both the Psi, a mysterious group of telepaths headed by the fearsome Mina and an equally sinister government department; the ACG.

Sirki, learning the real truth of her origin, is dragged into plotting between the queen and the Government, finding herself in constant danger as Bren, fighting for the nation, becomes an important part of her life.

As it becomes clear that her life of self-indulgence is over, Sirki wonders if her new-found powers are a blessing or a curse.


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Born in the 1957 the year the Space Race started when the USSR launched its first satellite and growing up with astronauts and cosmonauts on the TV meant Yuri Gagarin and Gordon Cooper were familiar names as a child. Getting up early one morning just in time to see a grainy Neil Armstrong make one small step for mankind on black and white British television started the obsession for science fiction, the same television that showed Doctor Who and Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and a personal favorite, UFO with the Moonbase girls in their shiny costumes (very interesting to a growing boy!) and the joy of seeing Star Trek on our first colour set, their uniforms in varied hues like a rainbow palette.

An early otherworldly memory is a picture book about mice building a rocket and travelling to the moon for green cheese! Reading Science Fiction at a young age by way of Kemlo, Tom Swift Jr and the wonderful TV21 with its pseudo newspaper format and the later and lesser Countdown comic that followed, the first “big” read was The Fall of the Towers by Samuel R Delaney, the book was his father’s, quite a weighty tome and many others were to follow. At school the English teacher set him reading John Wyndham’s The Day of the Triffids, The Chrysalids and the great-grandad of alien invasion stories The War of the Worlds by HG Wells.

Completely hooked, he worked his way through the Mars series by Edgar Rice Burroughs and the Lensman series by EE Smith then anything by Arthur C Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Edmund Cooper, John Wyndham, Ray Bradbury et al. Reading everything of worth and many not so worthy, Kyt wanted to write and wanted to write what he loved most, Science Fiction! The English teacher had several large essays thrust upon him about a secret organisation battling aliens (sorry UFO), robots that looked like human beings and a story about a policeman on a colonised planet with his girlfriend playing the damsel in distress (might re-use that one) and the teacher read them patiently and gave them his critique, they were not at all bad!

Plotting and planning, drawing characters and vehicles but somehow never writing much down. His family moved from Lincolnshire to Leicestershire and Kyt started an apprenticeship, enjoyed a social life and eventually met a wonderful girl (who would put up with him!). Marriage and children followed and Kyt found himself sharing books with his eldest son in an echo from the past, occasionally tinkering with writing but still no book emerged…

Six months from sixty, the urge to write returned and an old plot from teenage years re-emerged, the hero remained as was, but a minor character pushed her way forward to become the heroine and the original ending became the new beginning. McGuffins and contrivances moved with the times and book was finally written!

It has been a long journey and his wife is still putting up with him!


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