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New Release: Sacrosanct - Poems by Prison Survivors - Audiobook Version

This short publication is a collection of thirty poems, generously donated by those who are, or have been, in prison. The author profits from this title will go to support the invaluable work of the Prison Reform Trust, registered charity number 1035525. Celebrate the power of poetry, second chances and inner peace.

Either there is a God

Or there isn’t

Either God watches you

Or God doesn’t

Either God loves humanity

Or God despises it

Either God loves religion

Or God despises it

Either God will judge you

Or God won’t

Either God keeps families together

Or God separates them

Either God makes exceptions

Or God doesn’t

Either God intervenes

Or God doesn’t

Either God punishes

Or God doesn’t

Either God rewards

Or God doesn’t

Either option is too much to bear


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