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New Release: Mixed Rhythms and Shady Rhymes by Teresa Fowler

Mixed Rhythms and Shady Rhymes is a collection of poems about growing up in a world you do not fit into. The poetry is literal, intimate, and often humorous. The author shares her unique perspectives on sex and race and her experiences of prejudice from what are often the least expected places.

Diaspora Dysphoria and Miss Appropriation speak of what it is like to be ethnically homeless in a world where it matters more than ever to feel like you belong. Uncivil Service, Nobody Gets A Pass, and Soul-Mush convey the despair of realising that the prejudice that scarred many young lives often doesn’t end just because our school days are over. Mixed/Other, Flat-Pack Diversity, and Woke Bloke poke gentle fun at a world that isn’t as unbiased as it likes to think it is. The Song Of The Pugilist Tree, Twisted Sister and The Life She Should Have Had are deeply personal odes about the challenges the author’s family have faced and the impact it has had on her life.

The poems in this collection are revealing and honest but ultimately hopeful, and may make you reconsider everything you thought you knew about those who are Mixed/Other.


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