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New Release: Love You to Death by Max McCamish

Alex Keen has never felt anything. No sadness, no happiness, no anger, and certainly no love; that's the way Alex prefers it. One day, a chance encounter changes everything, and suddenly emotionless, empty Alex is developing painful, longing feelings for someone- and that just won't do. So, like everyone else who's gotten in Alex's way before, there seems to be just one thing to do to the man Alex suddenly loves: kill him.

Of course, killing the one and only person you’ve ever loved isn’t that simple, and a past riddled with murder is going to get noticed. One of Alex’s past victims has family left behind who want revenge, and even with unexpected help, Alex’s options for dealing with the justice closing in on them are slim- especially when they’re in the middle of committing another murder.

But Alex has to kill him. How else are they meant to escape the pain of love?


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eBook - Amazon (US)


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Max McCamish is best known for writing character-driven dramatic fiction, ranging from angsty romance to supernatural thrillers. He’d like you to believe his life is cool, but the truth is when he’s not writing he’s probably doing something nerdy, like conlanging or playing roleplaying games with friends. He’s got too many unfinished projects to talk about, and when he finishes those he’ll probably have a thousand more ideas he won’t get around to for ages. He’s loved writing for a very long time, and he hopes you love his writing too.


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