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New Release: 'I Am This Girl: Tales of Youth' by Samantha Benjamin

I Am This Girl: Tales of Youth is a charming and moving story of a young woman's journey through the trials of tribulations of growing up. When Phil and Natalie first reveal that they want to move to Morpington, their daughter Tammy isn’t thrilled - It’s up North - Tammy hates up North. Her new life begins as a struggle, her new friendships at school are strained and she lives with the daily fear of bumping into her nemesis, Lorraine, in the corridors.

Though perhaps things aren't that bad after all. Tammy discovers up North isn’t in fact as terrible as she feared and a fresh start may have been just what she needed. Somewhere no-one knows her and she can be whoever she wants to be.


About Samantha Benjamin

Samantha Benjamin is an up and coming British author from London. In her early teenage years she moved up North and the events that followed are chronicled in her semi-autobiographical debut novel I Am This Girl; Tales of Youth. Samantha is a big sports fan, particularly of swimming and football and supports Manchester United. In her spare time she enjoys writing, playing computer games, watching TV, reading books, listening to music and travelling. Samantha is currently at University studying Film & Television Production.


Connect with Samantha Benjamin

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Purchase 'I Am This Girl'

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