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New Release: Hour of the Jackals by Emil Eugensen

It is a time of chaos, a time of vengeance, an hour of jackals.

A shadow stirs. Why is the US president slowly losing his mind? Why is Europe falling apart and why are fascist coups seemingly imminent across the world? 

A Chinese spy and his American colleague try to deduce who is behind everything. An English professor makes a Faustian deal to get revenge on his daughter’s racist attackers. A young federal agent falls in love with the woman he is ordered to betray. All the while the fascist conspirators are preparing their secret mind-control weapons.

Yet other, possibly supernatural, forces could be at play as well. Including one unearthly Domina, who will provide any information you may seek, but the payment is harsh indeed...


About Emil Eugensen

Emil Eugensen has worked as a political speechwriter, sociologist, translator, newspaper columnist, academic ghostwriter and TV scriptwriter. He now writes intersectional pulp fiction. His hobby is playing speed metal.


Purchase 'Hour of the Jackals'

Amazon (US): click here

Amazon (UK): click here


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