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'Lestrade and the Mirror of Murder' by M. J. Trow

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Book ten in the Inspector Lestrade series.

Beyond the mountains of the moon …

‘Right, gentlemen. Recapping by numbers.’ Superintendent Lestrade, in martinet mood, was driving his minions.

‘Murder One. Four victims, Captain Orange, late of the merchant service and his three nieces, when the harness of their trap broke on a downhill gradient near Peter Tavy, Devon.’


‘A tall man seen near the Captain’s horse shortly before the trap left. He could have cut the harness.’


‘A broken mirror found in the Captain’s breast pocket.’

‘Murder Two, sir. Janet Calthrop, fell downstairs at King’s College, London, on the way to the boudoir of her lover. Tripwire across the stairs. Broken neck.’


‘One broken mirror found in said lover’s boudoir.’

‘Murder Three. Juan Thomas de Jesus-Lopez, honorary major in the Sixteenth Lancers; body found in a ruined lighthouse near Beachy Head.’

The clues accumulate; so do the mirrors and the murders …

And the suspects.

‘Mirror, mirror on the wall,’ mused Sholto Lestrade. ‘Who’s the guiltiest of them all?’

He was to find out …


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