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New Release: Blue Crayon by Rowen Ingrid Parker

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Blue Crayon is a collection of poetry and prose about mental health and endurance. Rowen Ingrid Parker explores the themes of love, emotional battles and survival in this moving and powerful collection of poems.

I told her that when I feel like self-harming instead of scratching myself with my nails or paperclips I like to run a blue crayon across my skin she smiled a small smile because she thought that I had found a way to stop but when I told her that my scars were the crayon’s doing she lowered her head and cried

Available to buy now.

Amazon (US): click here

Amazon (UK): click here

Amazon (CA): click here

Amazon (AU): click here

Connect with the author.

You can follow Rowen Ingrid Parker on Twitter by clicking here.


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