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'They Told Us It Was Haunted' by Amy-Brooke Odell

Updated: Nov 17

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* * *

Two got together when they both had another.

One took out their anger from the loss of a lover.

The last one tried to hang on to what was losing ground,

and when it couldn’t be stopped?

He decided to tear it down.

All their lives they’ve heard of the horrors of the old Doris House.

Nine years ago, best friends; Derek, Ellie, Whitney, and Jackson decided to finally go inside, to find out if the haunting tales were true. Nine years ago, they emerged from the house with their secrets intact, but their friendship forever fractured.

They’ve moved on with their lives; but now that Ellie has returned, so have their secrets. Revenge is coming to collect for their past misdeeds, but how can they save themselves if they can’t trust each other?

Maybe the stories they grew up with are true, and the house really is home to something sinister, or maybe there is someone out there who knows everything.


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Amy-Brooke Odell was born and raised in North Carolina, with a love so deep for the state that it permeates her writing. She earned a B.A. in Theatre from UNC-Charlotte, where her love of story-telling grew. She loves to spend time with her husband, son, and boston terrier. You can find her on Instagram at Authoramybrooke.

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