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New Release: Citizen Survivor Tales - Audiobook version

Ready for the end, old boy?

Maryanne Coleman was a popular journalist who worked for The Ministry during the 1940s. While under the guise of a reporter for The Southern Herald, her role was to interview a variety of survivors of 'The Great Tribulation' which had plunged Britain into chaos. She travelled throughout Britain speaking to a wide assortment of characters and those who had come to the attention of The Ministry and to collate information, both overtly and covertly, on the current state of the nation.

Although her interviews were later recovered, Maryanne herself went missing. Her fate is currently unknown. It must be conjectured that one of the interviewees was involved in her disappearance. Here then, is a collection of Maryanne's most interesting, amusing, bizarre, frightful and compelling interviews.

Please note, these accounts are not for public dissemination and to distribute them, knowingly or unknowingly, to anyone below silver clearance will be considered an act of treason.

Audible (US): click here

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