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Anthology Submissions Open: 'Nyx - The Ultimate Transcendent Experience'

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

As an independent publisher we feel passionately about showcasing undiscovered and up-and-coming talent within the writing community. As such, we're looking for authors, published and unpublished, to take part in our 'Nyx' anthology (details of the world below). Submissions should be 2,000 - 8,000 words, written in the third-person and be sent to us as a .docx file, you do not need to describe your character or events outside of the Erebus Chamber.

Although we are not able to offer payment for submissions at this stage, you will retain the rights to your short. Our right will be to publish and distribute your short as part of our anthology, by submitting to us you agree to this. We will also list and advertise one of your previous titles (if applicable) at the rear of the book. Any profits from this anthology will be used to purchase and donate our books to libraries.

Any questions? For more information or to submit please visit our CONTACT PAGE here. Do note there are no costs or fees for submitting. Your submission may be tweaked slightly for editing purposes or for continuity. Have a read below for a bit of background of the world of Nyx...

* * * * *
"Somewhere along the way we've all forgotten that life is just a game and that the vanilla world is hard and unfair for a lot of people. Entertainment has always been about escapism, we've just taken that idea to the next level."
Ryeo Youngsoo, Maelstrom Games

Finally, you really CAN live the dream. Welcome to Nyx™, where the only limit is your imagination!

Nyx™ is a state-of-the-art virtual reality experience designed and created by Maelstrom Games. It’s like nothing you’ve known before. Using pioneering technology, Nyx will take you wherever your mind allows.

From the comfort and security of one of our licensed, and suitably discreet, Erebus chambers, you will explore your own depths. You will be given your own Erebus, which cannot be interfered with from the outside world, to make sure there are no distractions. Recline comfortably in an ergonomically designed chair and the hours will fly by. Thanks to Nyx’s™ time dilution algorithms, which work with your brain, a minute inside will feel like an hour!

Computer games, hobbies, friends, movies and television shows will be a thing of the past when you realise YOU are your best source of entertainment. If you’re new, you can explore one of our pleasant pre-loaded scenarios, guided by our virtual assistant Charon (Charon can be turned on or off at anytime). Experienced and adventurous users can jump straight into ‘sandbox mode’.

So come along and taste the world-changing Nyx™ experience for yourself. We guarantee you’ll be a Nixster™ for life!

Not convinced? Read some of these testimonials from satisfied customers!

‘An hour of peace and quiet in Nyx feels like a lifetime! I leave fully refreshed and recharged, ready to take on whatever the vanilla world throws at me!’ – Cristina A

‘I’ll always regret not taking a risk with my first love. Now I can... again, and again, and again!’ – Margaret S

'I'm terrified of growing old and dying, which is why I love the time dilution of Nyx. An hour in Nyx is the equivalent of nearly three days in the vanilla world. Potentially I could make my life sixty times longer and the skills and experiences I pick up in Nyx I can apply to my own life.' - Takuya K

‘Nyx allows me to fulfil my darkest desires in private – my urges are sated - this must be a great thing for real world crime rates!’ – Harold H

‘I always wanted to be bird, and to be able to fly and stuff. I don’t know if Nyx gets it 100%, it starts glitching if I soar to high, but it feels good enough to me!’ – Chris P

‘Whenever I have a tough day at work, Nyx allows me to vent my anger. The things I do to my boss would be illegal, thank Nyx they’re not!’ – Omar M

‘Sadly I lost my family in the vanilla world, but because of the magic of Nyx I can spend every waking moment with them. I’m not grieving anymore!’ – Cameron D

* To exit Nyx – you will be ask to imagine an ‘egressus’. This could be anything you like; a balloon bouquet, an old pet, your first car! Simply say egressus three times to make your object appear. Then simply touch it and you will be exited back to your Erebus chamber, don't stay away too long though!

** Please note, users enter at their own risk. Everything and anything that happens within Nyx is not illegal and strictly confidential; so let your imagination run wild! We cannot be held responsible for any unpleasant side effects. Noted side effects include hallucinations, breakdown of interpersonal relationships, disassociation from reality and depression.

*** Finance options available.

**** Multiplayer is currently unavailable


Aether Centre – There are thirty-six Aether Centres throughout the world including Los Angeles, New York, London, Dubai, Seoul and Tokyo. Each Aether Centre holds 972 Erebus Chambers.

Charon – Our automated virtual assistant who is on hand to guide you through your Nyx experience if required (Charon is fully customisable and can be deactivated at any time).

Vanilla world – Everything that exists outside of Nyx *yawn*.

Cogs – Occasionally you will experience loading screens, update, patches and general maintenance. These will be displayed as large mechanical cogs within the sky. We appreciate they may be irksome and immersion breaking but they are unavoidable and will automatically disappear after a few minutes.

Egressus – Your chosen thing, which will allow you to exit Nyx. We recommend your Egressus is something instantly recognisable that will stand out to you during your Nyx experience.

Erebus Chamber – Your state-of-the-art isolated sensory chamber, colloquially referred to as 'The Chair', from which you will enter/exit Nyx.

God Mode – Under construction / pending psychological and legal tests.

Maelstrom Games – The company who designed and developed Nyx, you're welcome!

Hardcore Mode – For experienced users only! See how long you can survive and endure your own hell as Nyx taps into your deepest, darkest subconscious fears.

Nixster – A term for experienced and expert users of Nyx

Noob - A first time or inexperienced user of Nyx. Don't be mean, we were all noobs once!

Nyx The VR experience

Sandbox Mode – The most popular of the three Nyx modes. Recommended for experienced and adventurous users. The only limit is your imagination!

Scenario Mode – Are you new to Nyx? Why not try one of our pleasant and user-based scenarios that will be adapted to your own memories/imagination. Examples include your wedding day, the birth of your first child, passing on your driving test or a first date with the love of your life. You can also try our custom scenarios such as mighty warrior, rock star, or babe/hunk magnet!

Subjunkie – A derogatory and controversial term for long-term users who struggle or have ceased to be able to function in the vanilla world.


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