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Author Interview: Q & A with Amy-Brooke Odell

Why did you start writing? Was there a specific moment where you decided to put pen to paper or words to a screen?

I've always wanted to write but was afraid to try. After my first son was born, I felt like I could do anything-having a baby made me feel strong and excited to go after new things! Around the same time, I read two books that inspired me to write. I thought the stories in the books We Were Liars by E. Lockhart and Burying the Honeysuckle Girls by Emily Carpenter were so incredible, I wanted to be able to put out something as interesting and captivating as those books. I'm still trying, but that's the fun of it!

What has been your hardest challenge this year?

Being pregnant with my second child during COVID-19 and the quarantine. Also, moving for my husband's career during my third trimester amidst the pandemic. We also endured a few issues during the birth of my second son that certainly tested my strength. These were the hardest challenges but the greatest things came from them.

The book market has never been so tough as it is now. What advice would you give to aspiring authors to stand out from the crowd?

Honestly, I have no advice. I'm willing to take some though! Basically, I'm just trying to write the very best that I can and engage in social media to promote my work. Well, Instagram. I need to work harder to keep up my twitter account!

What’s been your favourite book that you’ve read this year?

I have read so many great books this year, I'm not sure that I can choose just one. Wall of Silence by Tracy Buchanan was great. I always look forward to something new from Mark Edwards and The House Guest did not disappoint! I'm currently reading The Last of the Moon Girls by Barbara Davis and am totally wrapped up in it!

Other than your own, which BLKDOG title would you recommend?

Burning Bridges by Chris Bedell, Love You to Death by Max McCamish and War of the Wolves by Russell Brown.

A mystery basket turns up on your doorstep. Would you prefer it contained a dog or a cat?

Dogs, everytime. They are just always so happy to see you.

Do you have a book in your mind that you know you’ll probably never actually write?

Oh yeah. I have a few book ideas that stay hidden in a notebook that I'm not certain I'll ever be able to work through their plot.

Which famous author do you most admire?

Frances Hodgson Burnett. The Secret Garden is my absolute favorite book. The imagery is amazing. I actually think that is what inspired my writing style; basing my books around settings.

Which book have you read which you feel deserves much more acclaim that it has received?

The Girl on the Beach by Tracy Buchanan. This book is beautiful, sad, and thrilling all at once. The settings are so vivid and interesting and the story is heartbreaking. Honestly, it deserves as many reviews as her other books!

One of your books suddenly sells a million copies, how do you react?

I would be overjoyed! It would mean so much to have so many find entertainment in my stories. And of course, it would mean that I would be able to provide so many fun and amazing opportunities for my family and maybe buy some land and build a secret garden of my own!

Amy Brooke-Odell is the author of Wendell. For more information on this title or to buy a copy click here.

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Connect with Amy-Brooke Odell

Twitter: click here

Instagram: click here

Amy-Brooke Odell was born and raised in North Carolina, with a love so deep for the state that it permeates her writing. She earned  a B.A. in Theatre from UNC-Charlotte, where her love of story-telling grew. She loves to spend time with her husband, son, and boston terrier. You can find her on Instagram at Authoramybrooke.


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