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The Woe of Roanoke


The Woe of Roanoke is an epic telling of the story of Sawney Bean, and the fate of the lost colony of Roanoke. 

On the eve of her execution, ‘Black’ Agnes Bean, the daughter of Sawney, is driven by grief and guilt to confess all. She tells the story of the Bean clan to a scribe - Thomas Hume - himself made an orphan when his parents were killed by mobs hunting down the Bean clan.

The story travels with Raleigh to the Americas, and describes the conflict between the puritan settlers and marines on board ship, culminating in the marines setting a passenger - Blue Bill Brown - onshore.

This son of Sawney Bean and Agnes was found, and revered as a sun God by the the Roanoke Indians. He eventually rose to chieftain, and with an army of fanatical devotees behind him, spread a wave of terror and destruction in the new lands that dwarfed his father Sawney’s rule of tyranny in Scotland years before.


About Mathew Horton

Mathew Horton began his career at 15, on Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. On his first day he nearly decapitated three goblins with a polystyrene rock, and then fell into the bog of eternal stench. Now, after three tumultuous decades as a SFX slave to the silver screen, and with nearly 60 movie credits, Mathew has decided to spend the remainder of his facial days on earth rearranging contrary words into rhyming stories. He hopes this will stave off dementia. The Woe of Roanoke has devoured 10 years of his life. So far...


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