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'Britannia: The Warlords' by Richard Denham & M. J. Trow


Did the Romans leave Britain, or did Britain leave Rome?

The death throes of Rome are resounding in every corner of the Empire. The rebellion of Magnus Maximus has come to a bloody end and Britannia now knows only suffering, standing at the edge of calamity, with each new disaster shaking the fragile foundations of a neglected province. The soldiers who remain are growing increasingly seditious with the incompetence and failures of their masters. While some seek to curb this dissent, more ambitious men will try to exploit it for their own ends.

Justinus Coelius, general of Britain, is fighting increasingly desperate odds to defend the land from threats which come from near at hand as well as from across the German Sea, while trying to hold on to his dying world; Vitalis Celatius, a Christian convert, is haunted by what is, and isn't, happening in the name of his God; Brenna and her sons face new danger from north of Hadrian’s Wall and realise they are alone for the first time. And the ageing Honoria begins to realise she can no longer rely on her beauty alone to remain Queen of the Underworld.

The Warlords examines the twilight of Britannia. Nearly four centuries of Roman rule will collapse in a few chaotic years. Will the Heroes of the Wall survive the storm to come? And would they recognise the new world that has descended unknowingly into the Dark Ages?

* * *

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