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Submissions are now reopen with a slight change in service

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

We're pleased to say that our submissions window has now reopened. We know there are many authors who have been keen to work with us, but we have not been able to work with them due to the ongoing financial risks of publishing. We're keen to carry on being the friendly, independent publisher we strive to be, but we must be realistic and adapt to the changing market.

Due to various factors (and the fact that 2020 has been a nightmare for most of us), the profits in writing/publishing are growing smaller every day. As such, we have had to make a compromise to our business model. We continue to be an independent publisher though we are now asking submitters to share the initial editing cost with us. Important aspects of publishing such as formatting, artwork, ISBN registration, marketing and liaising with libraries and bookstores will continue to be done in-house and we will continue to bear the financial risk of this. Where we have had to change our vision is that our editing is now out-sourced. All our titles have the potential to be available to all bookstores and libraries and we need to ensure they are the best they can be for both our authors' and our own reputation. A bad book is worse than no book.

Therefore, we have made the decision to reopen submissions - but titles will need to be professionally edited by one of our trusted and vetted third party editors that we have used previously and who are of the highest calibre. Therefore, before submitting, please note we will ask you to cover some of the editing cost and will put you in touch with one of our editors. We will share some of the cost, but you will be asked to contribute by paying the editor £300. Our editors are independent and we don't benefit from this financially. This fee will be payable before the edit begins and will be non-returnable, except in the specific circumstance outlined below.

The benefit of this is that your title will be more likely to be accepted for publication as we will know that one of our editors have already polished the text. On the rare occasion that the editor doesn't think a title is suitable for publication with us, he or she will report back to you and us and you will then have a choice. You can stop the edit and owe nothing, or you can continue, in which case you will still have a professionally edited manuscript (at a discounted rate).

Our aim is to be a champion of a diverse range of voices, stories and opinions that challenge us all and we continue to live up to that.

So, if you're willing to work with our third party editors, we look forward to receiving your submissions.

You can submit your manuscript to us by clicking here.


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