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New Release: War of the Wolves by Russell Brown

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Lewis saw the wolf because he couldn't sleep.

Lewis didn’t believe in magic. Not until he was chased by a man who could change into a wolf. Not until he discovered he could change into one too. Not until he was told that he and his friend Charlie were the only ones that stood between a demon and the end of the world as they knew it. Now he believes. Now he has no choice.

Now he’ll need to learn what it means to be a magical creature in a secret world at war. Now he’ll need to discover how to control his new found magical powers, and learn how to fight monsters, hell bent on trying to destroy everything he loves. The only problem is, it’s sometimes hard to know who the monsters really are.

War of the Wolves, book one of The Demon Gatekeeper trilogy, is a nerve-jangling ride, through the heart of a secret magical world, existing right underneath our noses.


"Exciting from the first page till the end. The War of the Wolves will have you chomping at the bit for the sequel." – John Selby, Sen

"Action packed. Brown has done a sterling job." - Richard Denham, Arthur: Shadow of a God


Purchase 'War of the Wolves'

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Paperback - Amazon (US)

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eBook - Amazon (US)


Connect with Russell Brown

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Russell Brown has a secret, he's an Englishman living in Scotland. Don't tell anyone they might ask him to leave! Born in Sheffield during the Dark Ages, long before smart phones and the internet, he was a voracious reader and fan of the cult Chinese drama Monkey. After escaping to Scotland’s sunny uplands he now splits his time between writing, avoiding doing any work and digging holes. War of the Wolves (BLKDOG Publishing) is his second novel. His debut novel, The Playground, (Amazon Publishing) is a gory tale, full of blood, guts and the odd bit of gore. It tells the story of Ellie, a normal girl in an abnormal situation, fighting for her life as she tries to rescue her sister from a man-made hell full of monsters on a mission.


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