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'Chasing the Beast' by Russell Brown

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

What do you do when a maniac with a gun is threatening your life? Simple, you chase after him!

Danny is angry, frustrated and hurt. One moment he’s looking forward to spending the day having fun, the next he’s watching in horror as his dad is shot and killed by a guy in a blue coat. In a single devastating moment his life is torn to pieces. Now all he wants is justice, but to get that he has to catch the guy, and that means chasing him all over the countryside, stealing a combine harvester, a touch of breaking and entering and a near death experience.

Chasing the Beast is a story of love and loss and strange men in pin-striped suits. Will Dan catch the beast or will the beast catch him?

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Russell Brown has a secret, he's an Englishman living in Scotland. Don't tell anyone they might ask him to leave! Born in Sheffield during the Dark Ages, long before smart phones and the internet, he was a voracious reader and fan of the cult Chinese drama Monkey. After escaping to Scotland’s sunny uplands he now splits his time between writing, avoiding doing any work and digging holes. War of the Wolves (BLKDOG Publishing) is his second novel. His debut novel, The Playground, (Amazon Publishing) is a gory tale, full of blood, guts and the odd bit of gore. It tells the story of Ellie, a normal girl in an abnormal situation, fighting for her life as she tries to rescue her sister from a man-made hell full of monsters on a mission.


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