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Poems of a Broken Soul


Poems of a Broken Soul is a collection of poetry and prose about love, loss and heartbreak. Iza Tirado explores the themes of romance, emotional endurance and hope in this moving and powerful collection of poems.

It’s 10:50 pm and I’m laying wide awake in my bed
Thinking about you and everything you have said to me in the past
I’m thinking about all the laughs we had
All smiles we shared with each other
All the tears I shed because I thought you were ignoring me
When you weren’t
I’m thinking about how foolish I was because I didn’t notice any of the signs
That showed you didn’t care like you said
You weren’t always busy
Like you said
You just wanted an excuse so you didn’t have to be seen in public with me
I’m filled with self-hatred due to this
I was so naive to think anybody would 
Care about me
When I know nobody sane would and will


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