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Pint Sized Prepper Projects

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How to bring preparedness to the little ones around you.

This book demonstrates a selection of prepper projects from how to make your own dowsing rods to quick deploy paracord bike handles. The only limits are your imagination. Use these projects as a springboard to get your kids involved in preparedness at an early age and watch them grow, explore, and innovate!

You will be able to guide your kids through each project one by one or let them sift through and choose a project that works for them. Or, you can pull from these projects to enhance other teaching and learning opportunities. Each project is designed to inspire and innovate. You can scale projects up or down as needed. So whether you are looking for something for the lone home-schooler to do in his or her off-time or something to challenge your scout troop, 4-H crew, or your next campout, this book is for you.

Projects are organized with a clear, concise description and include full-color photos and embedded links for easy navigation. You can see the final product up-front and then follow the simple written instructions along with full color photos and diagrams to see the project through to the end. Then, by the end of each project, you can see the types of skills developed through the projects and ways to expand and grow.

Whether you are starting out on a preparedness journey as a result of a natural disaster, or you just want to introduce your kids to some survival basics, this book is a great introduction and provides several doorways to baseline preparedness. Some of the projects include how to build a pallet planter, how to create your own ice packs, how to build a rocket stove, how to make your own waterproof matches, how to build a Faraday Cage, how to work with paracord, how to make tinder and char cloth, how to start up a survival tin and how to reinvent a scarecrow as a surveillance tool and many more!

Time involvement per project varies and can range from 20 minutes to several hours depending on the student and the project. Costs also vary but in many cases the projects can be completed using standard household materials or materials that can be obtained at little or no cost. Common household tools help to speed up some projects, but are not required.

Some of the projects are more complex than others and will require adult supervision. And with good reason. As a parent, you can use this as a tool to engage and inspire your kids to get out and build, create, and enjoy the world they live in just a little bit more. You can also use technology to inspire instead of distract. As an E-Book, this publication will provide the inspiration to put the technology down long enough to try something out. And you can lend a hand or learn along the way.Projects can be as quick or as complex as you see fit. Since many of the projects can be scaled up or down, you can expand and take each project to a group or introduce a project at your next family function.

The preparedness skills developed in this book are designed to be inherent. Students, parents, and teachers can learn from each project and if nothing else, they serve as healthy reminders of all the things to keep in mind when it comes to being prepared.

The authors host a podcast called The Next Generation Show on the Prepper Broadcasting Network.


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