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The Paranormal Investigations of Mister Balls

The Paranormal Investigations of Mister

When you fear the unknown, when the shadow descends, when the darkness envelops you - think of Balls

The book they tried to stop, mainly for the reason that they thought it was too much for the great public to handle, and an absolute load of rubbish.

I am Harry Balls, renowned paranormal investigator with a difference. I investigate those cases too complex or too vague (mainly the latter) that other paranormal investigators simply won't touch with a barge pole.

Join me and my Office of Paranormal Studies licensed team on an epic [citation needed] adventure as we travel the country uncovering the mysteries you've definitely never heard about before. Together we will lift the lid on the supernatural, and then quickly close the lid again before weird things start coming out.

These mysteries range from mysterious home-helps to dubious ball pits, farting dogs, parish council conspiracies and even evil bingo dabbers. Live and breathe my journey with me as I explore these dark forces in the ‘Tales of the Unattested’ (hence the name of the book).

One thing is for certain, you'll never think about the paranormal and supernatural in the same way again.


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