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No Faff, No Fuss, Just Food

No Fass, No Fuss, Just Food.jpg

No Faff, No Fuss, Just Food is a cookery book for people who have better things to do than slave over a hot stove. Filled with suggestions as well as recipes and thoughtfully peppered with pages for your own ideas, this book takes the lid off the simmering worries which many people have when cooking for themselves, family and friends – cooking should be fun, not scary, and reading this romp through possibly the most relaxed kitchen in the world will have you laughing as well as, very soon, cooking like you mean it!

Recipes in No Fuss, No Faff, Just Food include main meals, snacks, basic techniques and – of course – chocolate cake! There’s no point in a recipe book with no chocolate cake in it and as a bonus, it is gluten and dairy free! Safety in the kitchen, from sharp knives to anaphylactic shock, avoidance of, is covered as well as some yummy recipes.

If you only ever have one cookery book, make it this one.


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