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Dark and Light Tales of Ripton Town


Dark and Light Tales of Ripton Town is a collection of short stories by John Decarteret, set in a strange town where nothing, and no one, is ever quite what it seems. This collection features three titles that range from spooky to uplifting, Teddy, Was That You?; Creepy Town and Mr Nobody.


About John Decarteret

John Decarteret is lives in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, with his two sons and fiance. He started writing at the age of 29 after watching an interview of a famous singer on television. The singer said “Stop watching someone else live a dream for an hour, and spend that hour following your own dream” So he did. He sought help and advice from other writers and went on to write a full length book and several short stories before finding a publisher for his short story “A House Out of Time”.


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