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Daisy Chains

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After a wild night of partying on the last day of spring break, three seventeen-year-old friends Rose, Lily, and Violet wake up to find their best friend Daisy Young is missing and in the small town of Watkinsville, Georgia in 1975 that’s not normal.

As the days go by, everyone starts to wonder how the girl who spent her days with her head in the clouds and had no enemies could go missing. Rumors start that she ran away; that’s until Rose, Lily, and Violet find bones in a riverbank.

Watkinsville descends into madness as Chief Thompson and the newly instated 21-year-old Officer Mark Hollow look into what had happened that night. But only more questions arise as men from around town start to confess for no reason, all with the same story. So Rose, Lily, and Violet and Officer Hollow take it upon themselves to find the killer.
But little do they know they’re running against the clock and things may not be quite what they seem.


“An enthralling read from start to finish, you won't be able to put it down.” - Samantha Benjamin, I Am This Girl

“Hopefully the first of many books from this talented author.” - Justin Alcala, Consumed

"A thought provoking and exciting debut." - Ashley Laino, A Storm of Magic

"A fantastic psychological thriller with enough plot twists to leave you dizzy but thoroughly entertained and engaged." - John Selby, Sen


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