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A House Out of Time


Several people come across a house on a quiet road. They are immediately put on edge by the lady of the house who does not speak and sends them to a guest bedroom. A window dominates the setting and the view with its ever changing landscape, sends the occupants of the room into a state of fear as their lives are threatened by different dangers. They try to find a way to escape, and survive the House Out of Time.


About John Decarteret

John Decarteret is lives in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, with his two sons and fiance. He started writing at the age of 29 after watching an interview of a famous singer on television. The singer said “Stop watching someone else live a dream for an hour, and spend that hour following your own dream” So he did. He sought help and advice from other writers and went on to write a full length book and several short stories before finding a publisher for his short story “A House Out of Time”.


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