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'Totsakan: The Demon King and the Hermit's Riddle' by Tamlin Bea

Updated: Sep 3

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Catt and Rawin disappear while on a school visit to the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and find themselves in a bewildering world of deadly demons and cunning monkeys.

They become caught up in a long and bloody war between the demon hordes and Prince Ram’s monkey army, struggling to tell good from evil. Catt draws on her almost superpower martial arts skills while Neeran uses his nerdy intelligence to plot their way out of what for lesser beings would mean certain death.

The Demon King, angered that two 14-year-olds keep getting in his way and escaping capture, knows there is only one solution – he has to kill them before they kill him.

Catt and Rawin discover to their horror that the Demon King imperils not only the world they have been trapped in, but their own world too. There is only one way left for them to fulfill their destiny.

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