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New Release: The Vulture King by Nikki Turner

Orphaned Aram has survived alone for five years, his only friend a thieving magpie, who acts as his eyes. For in the Carrionlands, magic comes at a terrible price. It costs you your sight, hearing or voice. When he rescues a voiceless girl, Bina, from being sacrificed to the Vulture King, he is taken in by an underground resistance group. They reveal that Aram’s mother is alive, but the king is using her and other slave magicians to fuel his unnaturally long life. With his mother’s magic being rapidly drained, she doesn’t have long to live. If Aram can find the Radix, a hidden magical power source, there’s a slim chance he might be able to save her. But to get there, he must cross the Barrens where every living creature is out to kill you. That’s if one of his new companions doesn’t betray him first.


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Connect with Nikki Turner

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Nicole Turner is a Cape Town based author and actress. After graduating from the University of Stellenbosch with an honours degree in drama and English, she has worked as an actress, choreographer and scriptwriter. She currently runs a musical theatre production company, teaches drama and writes books filled with magic and adventure. Since she was little, books have been her refuge and more than anything she wishes that magic was real. She and her husband Jon live under the benevolent dictatorship of their daughters Sophia and Abigail. Her hobbies are reading, dancing and adopting as many dogs as she can sneak into the house.


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