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New Release: Soul of a Vampire by Silencio Marquez

"A great story to get your teeth stuck into."Justin Alcala, Consumed

Kris Kellman is a vampire living in Calgary, Canada who works as a detective at the Magical Laws Division. It’s his job to solve crimes committed by magical people like himself. When his former lover, Zeke Yonah, shows up on his doorstep covered in blood and asking for help, Kris is conflicted. Is he a vampire first, or is he a cop?

As he begins to investigate the murder that Zeke doesn’t remember committing, things get really complicated when Kris realizes that Zeke is being set up for murder.

Charles Anderson is in charge of the vampire community, and he has a plan to enslave all mankind. The only thing standing in his way are people like Zeke and Kris, a vampire whose loyalty can’t be bought. Kris’s ridiculous dragon-shifter boyfriend isn’t making things easier either.

Kris realizes that if he can’t stop Charles, it will mean war between humans and vampires. He knows that it’s not just humans that will suffer, but vampires like him who won’t just sit by and let Charles get away with genocide. Will Kris do what’s right and bring Charles to justice before it’s too late?


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Connect with Silencio Marquez

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Silencio Marquez lives in the great northwest of the United States with her dog Winnie. Silencio has always had a love of vampires and loves to write about them. She’s a huge fan of the show Supernatural and the books Interview With The Vampire and Vittorio The Vampire by Anne Rice. If there’s one thing that Silencio would love to see, it’s a resurgence in the undead in traditional publishing.

Silencio also loves LGBTQ fiction and historical fiction and hopes to dabble in both in the future. When it comes to books and writing, she doesn’t like to limit herself to just one genre. For Silencio, writing is about exploring everything that it’s possible to explore.


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