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New Release: Origins: The Legend of Ava by Ivy Logan

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

The prequel to BROKEN, Book I of the Breach Chronicles.

Ava watched the hysterical girl dart in and out of the gloomy shadows cast by the dense trees that loomed in her path. As a sorceress belonging to the Heichi clan, Ava’s blessing or curse, depending on how you looked at it, was her ability to move through time. It was never self-initiated, though. She was often affected by visions of the future and then drawn to them, literally pulled from the past and taken to that moment; it could be a few years, decades or even centuries. When, why, or how? She had never been able to answer that question.


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Ivy has a life time of stories in her head. She has always loved reading and watching movies. She sees stories in everything and in everyone. She was already a storyteller before she actually sat down and decided to become one.

An HR professional, she spent time surrounded by creative people making her all the more convinced that writing is what she was meant to do. She lives in Mumbai, India with her husband Ian and their two children.

Ivy writes fantasy but based on an element of truth. To explain, Metamorphosis, is set against the background of blood diamonds and a country ruled by a dictator. Broken is based on the relationship of a mother with her children and the instinctive nature of a mother to protect, the child she believes is the weaker one. Broken explores the idea, of a protective mother without painting her as a villain.

All her stories cast the female MC as the hero, the one who makes her own way instead of waiting to be rescued by a prince on a white steed.


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