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'Maxwell's Summer' by M. J. Trow

Peter Maxwell is looking forward to a nice quiet summer, with perhaps a little light gardening if necessary – as long as the plants don’t grow over the door and trap them all inside, it won’t be necessary. But, as so often in Maxwell’s life, Mrs Troubridge happens and a day out for her and her special friend, Mrs Getty, takes Maxwell and Nolan to Haledown House and from there into a web of intrigue and death.

Maxwell’s Summer turns out to be nothing like he planned. As resident conversationalist at a stately home, with riding lessons on the side for Nolan and free dinners when she wants them for Jacquie, Mad Max Maxwell could be forgiven for expecting a pretty easy time of it – with a nice fat cheque thrown in. But murders soon cross his path – almost literally – and with his own life in danger, will he even make it to the dreaded A Level Results Day?

Maxwell’s Summer is the twentieth book in the Maxwell series. To find out what it is like being taught by the best History teacher on earth, Maxwell’s History of the World in 366 Lessons is also available from BLKDOG Publishing.

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Also available at Waterstones, Barnes & Noble and all good bookstores.

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