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'Maxwell's Return' by M. J. Trow

Maxwell’s back and murder comes to sleepy Leighford. Are those two things connected? Well, yes and no. Teenaged girls are being picked up on the seafront and two of them are found dead. She has barely set foot on her old patch and DI Jacquie Carpenter-Maxwell is up to her jet-lagged neck in somebody else’s tragedy. So is her husband because the prime suspect is Bernard Ryan, Deputy Head at Leighford High and Mad Max is soon riding to the rescue on White Surrey. But can he pedal fast enough before another girl meets the wrong man, at the wrong time in the wrong place?

The eighteenth in the Peter Maxwell series, after the family sabbatical in LA, shows that the old sleuthing skills are still there with a vengeance and that the Maxwells are one of the most formidable crime-fighting duos in modern crime fiction.

* * *

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