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'Blue Icarus' by Rob Lucas

Jason, call sign Blue Icarus, is a young man working in an asteroid mine orbiting Mars. Dispatched in his rocketship to investigate a disturbance he’s attacked by a colossal alien weapon and is drawn through a portal in space.

Jason crash lands on a strange planet called Revus. Salt, a jaded former member of the Ruling Council, witnessed Jason’s crash and rescues him. Together, they join the Underground, an organization working to stop King Sephias from destroying Revus and the Earth. They’re helped on the way by Ionia, an engineer working in the Royal Laboratory, and by Kyver, a mechanic and fellow member of the Underground. Together, these 4 heroes must overcome near insurmountable obstacles as they work to stop the emerging tyranny of King Sephias.

The odds are not in their favor as King Sephias is allied with a powerful Immortal, Decemvir, who is aiding the King in his mad quest for godhood. This conflict creates the most unlikely of alliances, as Jason and his friends must team up with Arzawa, an Immortal who is allied with the King of the Giants. Revus is a planet populated by multiple sentient species, that has still not fully recovered from the Final War even after a thousand years, and its fate is now irrevocably intertwined with that of the Earth. The stakes of 2 worlds have rapidly grown to become life or death. Read the triumphant conclusion in Blue Icarus.

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Rob Lucas is the author of the new novel, Blue Icarus. Having existed on this Earth since 1980, he's spent an inordinate amount of time dreaming of other worlds. The logical progression for him was to simply write about these worlds, their inhabitants, and history. He's inspired by the mysterious, the unknown, and B-Movies that are so bad, they're good.


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