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Father of Storms


Imagine losing everything you loved as well as the future you'd wished for so long to come true.

Seth was born with the gift to manipulate energy, unfortunately his skills mark him as a target for one who wishes to control everything. So began a life running from those who would seek to command him, a life that spans over a thousand years waiting for the day when all will be once again as it was.

Captured in modern day London, Seth needs the help of his companions, the Mara, to show him who he is through dreams of his past, so he can save the family he has waited so long to have.

A warrior bred for battle must fight once more but this time the battlefield is his mind. Can Seth win, or will he finally lose who he is and become the weapon of the man who started his nightmare all those years ago?

Father of Storms is a story told through time, a tale of love and hope where there seems to be none and above all it is a reminder that if you believe, truly believe then even from the darkest places, good things come to those who wait.


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My name is Dean Jones, I am a 43-year-old father of 6, from Barrow-in-Furness (now living in Cheshire) who found that writing stories and poetry brought him the opportunity to escape the real world - for just a moment.


I first discovered an interest in writing when I was 12. I was away on a school trip and we had a day sat beside a river running through Eskdale, Cumbria. My teacher had tasked us to come up with a poem that captured the river and the scenery it meandered through. I duly obliged and set about capturing everything I saw. The result was something I was proud of, but more importantly my teacher loved it and told anyone who would listen all about the poem I had written. It was placed in center stage on the notice board and she even took it with her when she left (though I would have liked it back). This support and praise sparked a flame which still burns today over 30 years later.


In my later teens, I began using poetry as a release from my own personal circumstances and found writing my darkest thoughts let me move past many of the situations I was experiencing as many young men do.


Since those early school years, writing has become part of my relaxation and pastime routine. I just love it when I had an idea for a story or poem and then my creative juices would flow as I tried to conjure up a tale that was both exciting and imaginative or a poem that invoked imagery and emotion.


I began writing my first novel, Father of Storms, when I found myself working away from home. I discovered that making up short stories (which quickly became the start of larger stories) helped me cope with being away from my young family and gave me something else to do other than frequent the local bars with colleagues.


Some seven years later I completed that book and quickly began thinking of others.


Writing brings me joy and the stories I write, I hope, provide joy to others.