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An Angel Came For You

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Would you go back and start again, even if it meant your child never existed? 

At the age of twenty-six Sarah only ever wanted the best life for her three-year old son Tommy, and after living four and a half years of hell with Charlie, Tommy’s father, a controlling, abusive and violent man she manages to escape his grip. Now finally free of him, she feels for the first time in Tommy’s short life that she can give him all of her time, love, devotion and the life he deserves but fate has different plans for her.

Somehow she wakes up five years in her past, finding herself back with her first love John, and living back at home with her mum, two years before Tommy’s birth. Struggling to come to terms with life without Tommy and the guilt she feels for failing him, Sarah needs to figure out why she is trapped in her own past. With nobody to turn to, and with only her faith in her guardian angel to help her, she has to make the almost impossible decision; follow her life path the same way, meet Charlie all over again and relive every painful minute of her abusive life with him so that Tommy will be born, or believe that fate has changed her destiny to give her a second chance.


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